Welcome to Clayfield Yoga

Clayfield Yoga Studio on Brisbane northside has been offering classes for beginners to experienced level students since 2006. Our teachers are all fully qualified, passionate and experienced in supporting you whether your starting out or furthering along in your yoga practice.

Our studio is fully equipped, wear comfortable clothes and a big smile to embrace yourself again. Yoga begins with a healthy attitude of self-acceptance of what the day brings. Lead your practice from your heart with self-compassion and loving respect in a safe, supported environment. Please give us a call if you have questions otherwise arrive 10 minutes before your class of choice starts and the teacher will guide you the rest of the way.  Not sure where to Start, have a read of the classes we offer.


I’ve been to a lot of different yoga studios
and I’ve found that Clayfield Yoga Studio gives me a complete practice.
– Peter

Upcoming Events

beginners yoga course brisbane

New to Yoga – 5 week Course Starts October

These support classes will take you from total beginner to confident yogi, with correct (and safe!) alignment and increased flexibility, so that you will emerge strong and confident. We will explore the meaning of yoga, how to breathe properly, your energy systems, relaxation and meditation.

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restorative yoga clayfield

Restorative Yoga Class 11 September

2 hours of deep rest and supported yoga postures to soothe from the layers of skin, muscles, bones down to your nervous system. Releasing deep seated tension in both body and mind. Marian’s motherly magic will leave you feeling refreshed and restored.

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emotional resilience workshop

Yoga & Positive Psychology Workshop 3 September

Making Positive Choices – Life requires us to make choices every day and some days we are better at navigating wise decisions than others. Now is the time to cultivate clarity. In this retreat you will learn techniques to empower you to make decisions in line with your core values.

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clayfield yoga studio

Happy 10th Anniversary

Thank you to everyone who came together to create an awesome day.  Especially to Greg and Rose Powell for initiating it and bringing Tom along to play some amazingly beautiful music. A Huge thank you to my sister Rebecca for cake and for all her ‘stylin’, you made the place fun and festive.  To Jonathan for co creating the Clayfield Yoga Studio back in 2006 and to all the amazingly talented teachers for sharing their passion. Lastly the beautiful open hearted students for receiving what we offer.  What a collaboration, looking forward to the next 10 years. In gratitude and appreciation, Tanya Zappala

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