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Welcome to Clayfield Yoga

We are having some great renovations done to the building.  Classes are still running on the ground floor in the RSL sub branch room. If in doubt please contact us before attending.

Clayfield Yoga Studio on Brisbane north side has been offering classes for beginners to experienced level students since 2006. Our teachers are all fully qualified, passionate and experienced in supporting you whether your starting out or furthering along in your yoga practice.

Our studio is fully equipped, wear comfortable clothes and a big smile to embrace yourself again. Yoga begins with a healthy attitude of self-acceptance of what the day brings. Lead your practice from your heart with self-compassion and loving respect in a safe, supported environment. Please give us a call if you have questions otherwise arrive 10 minutes before your class of choice starts and the teacher will guide you the rest of the way.  Not sure where to Start, have a read of the classes we offer.


I’ve been to a lot of different yoga studios
and I’ve found that Clayfield Yoga Studio gives me a complete practice.
– Peter

Upcoming Events

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New Timetable, New Teachers

We welcome some new faces to our teaching team. Check out our full timetable for new classes and new styles.

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7 wk Yoga Course

Each week will look closely at movements and postures designed to increase strength and flexibility. These sessions will break down the foundational yoga postures practiced frequently in classes.  Teaching you to tune into the feeling of the actions, learning to listen to yourself and adjust the practice to suit, rather then you forcing yourself to fit in. That is the Yoga. Beginners will feel supported, regular practitioners will benefit with better tips and alignment cues. For one price of $150 you will have access to all 6 classes dedicated each week to this course.

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Gift Vouchers

Now Available Online.  Looking to give the Gift of Yoga? Check out our selection of Gift Vouchers that you can purchase online. Choose the Voucher, Choose the $$ Amount, then print or email.

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Happy Belly… Happy life

Now stocking Organic Kefir Probiotic Drinks, just in time for summer. Our digestive system has a huge influence on our health and well being. The trillions of bacteria (in our gastro intestinal system) are the stars of our system, undigested food affect our brain, our mood, our weight and our immune system.

Kefir is a Probiotics great for correcting the balance of gut bacteria needed for proper digestion.  They promote the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and proteins needed to keep our brain working right, improving focus, concentration and our mental health. Purchase at the studio.

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