Welcome to Clayfield Yoga Studio

Established in 2006, Clayfield Yoga Studio here in north Brisbane has been offering classes for beginners to experienced level students. Our teachers are all fully qualified, passionate and experienced in supporting you whether your starting out or furthering along in your yoga practice. Our studio is fully equipped, wear comfortable clothes and a big smile to embrace yourself again. Yoga begins with a healthy attitude of self-acceptance of what the day brings. Lead your practice from your heart with self-compassion and loving respect in a safe supported environment.

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Welcome to Clayfield Yoga Brisbane

Clayfield Yoga Brisbane offer classes for beginner to experienced level students.

Clayfield Yoga Brisbane is a fully equipped, just bring water, wear comfortable clothes and a willingness to enjoy your yoga practice.

All classes are ongoing except for some public holidays, please check timetable.

No need to book for classes, simply arrive 10 min prior to the class commencing.


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All teachers at Clayfield Yoga Brisbane are fully Qualified Yoga instructors and Members of Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (YTAA)