Student Guidelines

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Student Guidelines 

Yoga is absolutely non-competitive.  Please rest when you need to, do what feels right for your body.  Honestly assess your ability in each moment.  Injuries can occur if we don’t listen to our bodies.  Whenever in life we begin Yoga is perfect.  No experience or flexibility is required to begin Yoga, this will naturally come from the practice.

• Always check that your mobile phone is turned off.

• On entering, respect that others may be already relaxing, meditating or warming up.  Have the intent that your practice starts at the door.  If you do arrive late please enter the room as quietly as possible.

Please do not wear strong perfume/aftershave to Yoga classes.  This can be uncomfortable to fellow students when practicing deep breathing.

Practice on an empty stomach.  Everybodies digestion is different but generally it is recommended that you do not eat a large protein or heavy meal prior to practicing yoga. Light snack like fruit, smoothies, juices can be ok at least 30 min prior.

• Equipment.  The studio has Yoga equipment for students to use.  For hygiene purposes it is recommended for you to obtain your own Yoga equipment (yoga mat etc..) The Studio has Yoga Equipment available for sale.