Tanya Zappala is one of the first four AcroYoga teachers in Australia, along with teachers Stacey (Elmes) Nelson and Gwyn William. They completed their teacher training in California with AcroYoga co-creators and directors Jenny and Jas

on in 2008,  since have travelled around Australia planting seeds that have now sprouted into many qualified teachers round the country as this fun practice continues to grow.


Tanya has always been drawn to the joyful and uplifting feeling that come from moving our bodies.  Growing up Tanya has al

ways done some kind of exercise and it been the group practices that she finds the most rewarding.

Teaching yoga since 2004 Tanya was drawn to the connections that AcroYoga brought, feeling it is a catalyst in getting to know her self from the reflection that comes from working with others.

Now a level 2 AcroYoga teacher, Tanya personally has felt the benefits from this community based practice and enjoys seeing strangers leave the practice with huge smiles and new friends.  Most of all a sense of empowerment as that they have done something they initially thought they couldn’t do.

Tanya continues to share AcroYoga locally in Brisbane at the Clayfield Yoga Studio