Jasmine O’Brien



Curiosity took me to my first yoga class in 2006 which was the beginning of a lifelong dedication to the practice and study of yoga.

Inspired by the profound effects of a consistent yoga practice, I completed my year long teacher training with Radiant Light Yoga in 2011.

I teach an energising flowing style of yoga asana influenced by 7 years of personal practice and various inspiring teachers I’ve encountered during my journey – both in Australia and through my travels in Asia.  I teach with honour and respect for the ancient yogic tradition with a modern twist to suit the needs of the Western body, mind and lifestyle. I consider the yoga studio a sacred space for self-discovery; our bodies the temples through which we use movement, breath and awareness to receive the gifts of our practice. In each class I balance challenging and strengthening sequences with more “yin” type postures focussed on softening and opening, encouraging

inner exploration and emphasising safe alignment throughout the practice. I create a soundtrack to inspire us and to take us deeper on our journey. I welcome all students and offer variations, acknowledging the importance of tuning into our body’s needs in any given moment. It brings me great joy to have the opportunity to share my love of yoga with you!