Jo Rogers

Growing up I was always interested in Yoga and Meditation.  During my teenage years I was meditating to relaxation tapes and was amazed how calm I would feel afterwards.  In my early 20’s I was injured from a car accident and yoga was advised to assist the healing of my injuries.  I was quite timid about attending a class so quietly practiced at home to Yoga DVD’s over the years.

A few years later during a stressful part of my life I felt a pull to participate in my first Yoga class with a lovely teacher, Bharat.  That night changed my life. Yoga was just what my body, mind and Soul needed.

Looking for a deeper personal practice, in 2009 I started to train in Radiant Light Yoga with Adam and Akash Bornstein.  During this time I absorbed a deeper understanding of  Yoga philosophy and Asana practice, realising this is was what I wanted to share with others.

My personal practice has deepened over the years, and I have also been blessed to recently study Zenthai Shiatsu Therapy with Gwyn Williams, deepening my understanding of mind and body medicine.

I look forward to sharing the practice of Yoga with you.