Kat Marcoux

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Kathleen embraces the various aspects of yoga in her practice and teaching. Her classes weave together a range of practices, including asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and savasana (relaxation). In some classes, the more subtle practices such as dhyana (meditation) are explored. Kathleen teaches alignment-based vinyasa yoga. Her approach to asanas is fluid and incorporates the principles of body alignment. Connecting movements with breath is emphasised.

With warmth and an open heart, Kat offer students guidance to help open, strengthen and bring life to their body, connect with their brea

th and inner life. Classes are an opportunity to refine body and breath awareness and to explore the relationship between body, breath and mind.

Kathleen first discovered yoga more than 15 years ago as a committed university student looking for a holistic approach to health. She found in yoga an empowering practice that nourishes and brings life to the body, heart and mind, and a path towards clarity and authenticity. Her passion for yoga led her to study yoga and then to undertake formal training so that she can share with others the gift that yoga has to offer.

Kathleen is a certified yoga teacher registered with Yoga Australia. She also holds a certification in prenatal yoga and conscious birthing. Yoga is for her a life long journey and she continues to study and deepen her practice under the guidance of senior teachers.