Marian Cavanagh


Yoga has been a joy of mine since my early teens, I loved how I gained a feeling of presence in my body and how my mind became more peaceful. And then in my thirties I discovered the Radiant Light style of yoga, and I felt so uplifted and nourished when practicing that I wanted to learn more. Training with my teachers Adam and Akash was a revelation, and I feel deeply blessed to be able to share what I have learnt from them. I am a fully registered and certified yoga teacher, have done additional yoga training in India, and have also completed prenatal and restorative yoga certification.

I begin my classes with a focus on the breath, and we then flow from pose to pose, gradually warming up. We then move into energising sequences and deeply held poses to build energy, strength and flexibility. I conclude each class with deep relaxation and pranayama to balance and revitalise both body and mind.

My aim in my classes is to help you find energy and joy in your practice, to feel the connection between your body, breath and mind, and to discover your inner stability and peace.

Marian Cavanaghteachers a Gentle yet Powerful yoga class

A flowing class with gentle transitions between yoga poses, promoting strength and flexibility in a calming and welcoming environment. Options are given to allow the class to be suitable for beginners, those returning to yoga, and general level students looking for a gentler class.