Tanya Zappala

Picture 19Tanya has been teaching students yoga in Brisbane for over 10 years and she continues to find joy every day in helping people through their yoga journey.

Her training comes from varied yogic traditions, which Tanya feels has been a blessing as it is a reminder that we all have something valuable to share. We all resonate differently and teach differently the many aspects that make up this practice of Yoga.

Tanya teaches an alignment based Vinyasa Flow, meaning movements linked with the breath but slowed down to allow for a more mindful awareness on how your body feels in the moment and how its going to move to the next point with safe transitions.

Tanya also teach AcroYoga, a style fused of Yoga, Acrobatics and Healing Arts. These ancient modalities create a balanced practice offering on one side a therapeutic, nurturing connection. The other side is fun and playful with stronger dynamic movements.  Tanya calls AcroYoga a catalyst in ‘getting to know ourselves’ faster, as we go places that we couldn’t do on our own.

Besides the group yoga classes and workshops, Tanya also teaches privately. Either one on one, or in small groups up to 4 to give each student personal attention. 
Private classes are catered to whether you are new to yoga or wanting to take your practice to new level. 
This individual attention offers continual adjustments and alignment corrections to suit your individual body type, helping gain strength and flexibility faster and safely.