Class Descriptions

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Classes are creative so something new is taught each time to shift the focus on different parts of your body.  Classes are colour coded to guide you with the level of intensity, pink purple are great for beginners or those wanting a deeper stretch.  Green, Orange and Blue are offering more variations to provide more strength and warmth.  

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If you listen to your body and work to your limitations, then you can attend any of the classes. Although if you have never done yoga then it is recommended to start of with the gentle/beginner classes first (pink or purple coloured)

Pink/ Gentle:  New to yoga, mature aged, or after a slower paced class. You don’t have to be a beginner to benefit from the slower gentle movements, giving you more space to breath and dive deeper into the stretch. Even the most experienced yogi will benefit from savoring the effects of each yoga posture (asana).

Green /mixed level: Some yoga experience or regularly partake in other physical activities. A flowing class where movement is linked mindfully with breath. Variations of yoga postures offered in an intelligent sequence to generate warmth in your body.  Great for building strength and flexibility and concentration of mind.

Orange /high intensity: Been practicing yoga or regularly partake in other physical activities.  More advanced postures offered. A flowing class focusing on breath linked with movement with a strong focus on alignment to create a safe class that is strengthening and energising.  

Purple /Yin Yoga /low intensity: The perfect complimentary class not only to any stronger or Yang practices but to anybody needing to slow down and give time for your body to catch up.  Yoga postures are held for longer then a regular yoga practice with the focus more into opening the connective tissues that surrounds the muscles. This class can be very invigorating even even thought slowed down as the body has time to increase blood flow into the muscles stimulating the flow of healing energy within. This class will develop deeper awareness of your body, mind and breath as we nourish and restore within. Highly recommended for all athletes, tight sore bodies, or anybody new to yoga.

Purple /Rest and Restore: An hour of blissful restorative practices including gentle movement, restorative yoga, yoga nidra or guided meditation. Each week will be a different combination of nourishing restful practices.

Blue/AcroYoga / high intensity:  A Fusion of Yoga combined with the playfulness and skill of Acrobatics and the nurturing and therapeutic benefits of the Healing Arts. For anybody with an adventurous spirit.

Private Classes: Either one on one, or in small groups up to 4. This individual attention offers continual adjustments and alignment corrections to suit your individual body type, helping gain strength and flexibility faster and safely. Great if you are new to yoga or serious about taking your practice to new level physically, mentally or spiritually. Contact studio for available times.  



The studio has complimentary equipment  (blocks, strap and blankets) available for use. There is also a range of yoga mats for sale at the studio if you prefer to purchase your own.

Save time by  filling out your registration form online 

All classes are ongoing except for some public holidays, please check timetable for changes.

Contact studio prior to class commencement only if you have not done yoga before.

Bookings for classes are not required

All teachers at Clayfield Yoga Brisbane are fully Qualified Yoga instructors and Members of Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (YTAA)

If you have any questions or queries that you haven’t yet found answers to then please call or email.