marian cavanagh yoga teacher

Marian Cavanagh

Yoga has been a joy of mine since my early teens, I loved how I gained a feeling of presence in my body and how my mind became more peaceful. And then in my thirties I discovered the Radiant Light style of yoga, and I felt so uplifted and nourished when practicing that I wanted to learn more.

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heather kinang

Heather Kinang

Heather first stepped onto a yoga mat at university in 1981 when she was dragged to her first class and floated out the door. She believes a consistent yoga practice helps you achieve your highest level of wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, because, as Heather realised after her very fist yoga class, the lessons learned on the mat are lessons for life.

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micheal mcdowall

Michael McDowall

I was first exposed to yoga as a child, and I recall sharing guided lying meditations on the lounge room floor to old cassettes, with my mum and sister. The peace, serenity and stillness experienced in these early practices are still the foundation of my practice, and these are the benefits of yoga that I most wish to share in my teaching today.

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fiona overell

Fiona Overell

Fiona’s younger years were filled with competitive sport, travel, corporate work and parties; living life in the fast lane but knowing something was missing. Her world changed dramatically when she witnessed debilitating illnesses in close family members and a realisation of how precious ‘life’ really is.

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nirvana acroyoga

Nirvana Pilkington

From a young age, movement and bodywork have been a part of Nirvana’s life. As a youngster, she was exposed to dance, various sports, drama, yoga and massage. Nirvana’s practice and teaching has been immersed in a variety of styles and her classes have become a fusion of these elements.

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kylie skillen yoga teacher

Kylie Skillen

I was initially drawn to Ashtanga yoga 12 years ago for its physical benefits, but quickly realised the power of yoga on the mind, body and spirit.  My yoga classes focus on using the breath as the unbroken thread to flow throughout the practice, adjusting the pose to the individual to create a positive experience for students of all levels.

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james barrie yoga teacher

James Barrie

I value Yoga as a practice of self care that can increase self-awareness and ultimately care for the world around us. It can be clearly reflective in feeding back to us where we are at in our development of integrating spiritual life to practical living, as we watch the mind respond to the poses and begin to create and allow space between our reactive responses to stimuli.

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pamela walker yoga teacher

Pamela Walker

I began my yoga journey in 2000 as a form of relaxation and to manage back pain. I was soon attending 3 classes per week with different teachers to learn more and more because the benefits to my life were so great. In 2005, I qualified as a yoga teacher in the Sivananda tradition to give me a balanced practice of all aspects of a yogic lifestyle.

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bronwyn wilson yoga teacher

Bronwyn Wilson

Bronwyn Wilson is a qualified yoga instructor and business professional, balancing motherhood and family with a healthy lifestyle.

She is very passionate about living a balanced life, combining healthy eating and exercise whilst enjoying time with friends and the good things in life.

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Gabriel Reese

‘Yoga Teaching’ journey began in India through an intensive teacher training at a uniquely traditional Tantra yoga ashram.  Being taught a traditional system of yoga handed down over many generations inspired Gabriel to teach and share the science of yoga.

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tanya zappala yoga

Tanya Zappala

Tanya has been teaching students yoga in Brisbane for over 10 years and she continues to find joy every day in helping people through their yoga journey. Her training comes from varied yogic traditions, which Tanya feels is a blessing as it is a reminder that we all have something valuable to share.

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