Ground to Grow Program

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Ground To Grow – a series of workshops based on the 7 main chakras

Yoga is much more then just a physical practice. In each of the 7 workshop we take a closer look at the 7 main chakras (or energy centres) in our bodies with associated meditations, asana (yoga postures), sound, group activities, laughter and reflective exercises.

Taught by senior teachers Alison Sykes and Tanya Zappala, Ground to Grow has been created to help anchor you into something greater then just your yoga practice. In a supportive group environment you will be guided to adapt the teachings of yoga for your own evolution. Tanya and Alison’s teaching methods and guidance provides an opportunity to connect with like minded people, form friendships, gain knowledge and improve your yoga practice in warm, empathetic and fun environment. The group dynamic is encouraging and supportive for you to get into the nitty gritty with alignment in your yoga postures, breathing practices that reduce wear and tear as well as nourish our organs and nervous system. Talk philosophy that guides us to think with crystal-clear logic about our thoughts and feelings.  You will also learn how meditation can be instinctive and empowering.

Each student will be encouraged to work in their own way, at their own pace and how these ancient teachings can be applied to our busy modern lives. We may have advanced in may ways materially and with technology, but when it comes to our emotions, thoughts, feeling or our spirituality, we are still babes in the woods.   These workshops provide the place and space that isn’t always available in general yoga classes.

yoga workshop brisbane
yoga workshop brisbane
alison skyes tanya zappala

“The Chakra Elements provide the perfect foundation for our series, we’re inspired to share this program with you as yoga has become a way for us to live life more fully, joyfully and responsively. We’re so excited to share these teachings, they light us up and we hope that our passion for this practice will inspire you to bring yoga into all that you are and do.

We recommend that you have at least 6 months of regular practice experience, please contact us if you wish to complete the program but do not meet this guideline so that we can chat about whether the series will be a good fit for you.”

We’d love to have you join us, Tanya and Alison.

Pre-requisite for workshops 4-7, students must have completed any or all of workshops 1-3.

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Sessions are held on Sunday afternoons from 12.30pm-4.30pm.
Clayfield Yoga Studio, cnr Vine St & Wagner Rd, Clayfield

earth yoga workshop

13 May, 2018
Earth | Getting Grounded

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water yoga workshop

17 June 2018
Water | Flowing with the Current

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fire yoga workshop

29 July 2018
Fire | Radiant Power

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air yoga workshop

26 August 2018
Air | Thriving Heart

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sound yoga workshop

7th October 2018
Sound | Genuine Voice

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ether yoga workshop

4th November 2018
Ether | Spacious Wisdom

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spirit yoga workhop

25th March 2018
Spirit | Guided by Grace

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Full program (7 workshops) – $740, or 4 instalments of $185.
A maximum of two missed workshops may be made up in the subsequent year’s offering.
TIER 1 EARLYBIRD OFFER $100 off full program – 3 spots available 
TIER 2 EARLYBIRD OFFER – $50 off full program – 2 spots available

Full Program – $740  
Monthly instalments – 4x $185
Individual workshops – $120

Payments can be made via direct deposit to the account below. Once your payment is made please email with a copy of your transfer receipt.
BSB: 484799
Account: 202303248
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Suncorp Metway

Once we have received your payment you will receive a registration email, where you will be able to select the date of your individual workshop/s. Please contact us if you do not receive your email within 24 hours of your payment. ​