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Welcome to Clayfield Yoga

We are having some great renovations done to the building, these will last until January 2018.  Classes are still running but we ask students to always check ‘book classes online’ before attending.

Clayfield Yoga Studio on Brisbane north side has been offering classes for beginners to experienced level students since 2006. Our teachers are all fully qualified, passionate and experienced in supporting you whether your starting out or furthering along in your yoga practice.

Our studio is fully equipped, wear comfortable clothes and a big smile to embrace yourself again. Yoga begins with a healthy attitude of self-acceptance of what the day brings. Lead your practice from your heart with self-compassion and loving respect in a safe, supported environment. Please give us a call if you have questions otherwise arrive 10 minutes before your class of choice starts and the teacher will guide you the rest of the way.  Not sure where to Start, have a read of the classes we offer.


I’ve been to a lot of different yoga studios
and I’ve found that Clayfield Yoga Studio gives me a complete practice.
– Peter

Upcoming Events

beginners yoga course brisbane

Get to know Yoga – 7 week Course starts 3rd October 2017

These support classes will take you from total beginner to confident yogi, with correct (and safe!) alignment and increased flexibility, so that you will emerge strong and confident. We will explore the meaning of yoga, how to breathe properly, your energy systems, relaxation and meditation. We’ll also break down the postures from standing to inversions so that no matter what is taught in a class you can move into a variation that is suitable for you.

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New Classes at Clayfield Yoga Studio. relax stretch move breathe feel great new year resolution

Ground to Grow – Yoga Workshop

Taught by senior teachers Alison Sykes and Tanya Zappala, Ground to Grow is a series of yoga workshops designed to help you connect more confidently to your Yoga practice. In a supportive group environment you will be guided to adapt the teachings for your own evolution. Get into the nitty gritty with alignment, breathing practices, talk philosophy in practical everyday language and learn how meditation can be instinctive and empowering.  These workshops are for anybody at any level of experience.

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Restorative Yoga Workshop

10 September

Be inspired to feel what a deep restful state can be like after this 2 hour Restorative Yoga Workshop. Supported by props, you melt easier into long hold poses to receive benefits for the whole body especially your nervous system. The sequence of poses is designed to take you into a healing state to rebalance and restore. This can result in reducing stress, reducing insomnia and raise resilience

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Happy Belly… Happy life

Now stocking Organic Kefir Probiotic Drinks, just in time for summer. It is becoming widely known that our digestive system has a huge influence on our health and well being. The trillions of bacteria (in our gastro intestinal system) are the stars of our system, they are extraordinary creatures that can convert the remains of the food we eat into things that affect our brain, our mood, our weight and our immune system’.

Probiotics are great for correcting the balance of gut bacteria which we need for proper digestion. Because of the positive influence on digestion they also promote the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and protein which is important for the way we feel and our general mood. We also need effective digestion to provide us with the essential fatty acids, B vitamins, and other minerals needed to keep our brain working right for improved focus, concentration and thus also affects our mental health.

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