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fiona overell

Fiona Overell

Fiona’s younger years were filled with competitive sport, travel, corporate work and parties; living life in the fast lane but knowing something was missing. Her world changed dramatically when she witnessed debilitating illnesses in close family members and a realisation of how precious ‘life’ really is.

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Gabriel Reese

‘Yoga Teaching’ journey began in India through an intensive teacher training at a uniquely traditional Tantra yoga ashram.  Being taught a traditional system of yoga handed down over many generations inspired Gabriel to teach and share the science of yoga.

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georgina siddall yoga teacher

Georgina Siddall

Having experienced the profound impact of yoga on her physical, mental and emotional health, Georgina is committed to sharing her love of yoga. Focusing on slow, flowing vinyasa yoga, Georgina brings yoga to life through the exploration of postures, breathing and meditation.

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heather kinang

Heather Kinang

Heather first stepped onto a yoga mat at university in 1981 when she was dragged to her first class and floated out the door. She believes a consistent yoga practice helps you achieve your highest level of wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, because, as Heather realised after her very fist yoga class, the lessons learned on the mat are lessons for life.

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jamie tan yoga teacher brisbane

Jamie Tan

Jamie is your quintessential go-getter and high achiever, with her Singaporean Chinese heritage to thank for her fierce tenacity. Previously an Environmental Scientist, Jamie found yoga in the gym many years ago, practised in a less than mindful way with thumping techno reverberating through the floors, with hard-core cardio workout and poses in mind to achieve.

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kasia kondas yoga teacher brisbane

Kasia Kondas

Kasia’s journey into yoga began in 2002. After years of working in the corporate world in Australia and Europe, Kasia took a sabbatical in South Africa where she began to practice yoga every day. She was invited to attend yoga teacher training and soon became a certified Ashtanga style instructor with a strong following.

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marian cavanagh yoga teacher

Marian Cavanagh

Yoga has been a joy of mine since my early teens, I loved how I gained a feeling of presence in my body and how my mind became more peaceful. And then in my thirties I discovered the Radiant Light style of yoga, and I felt so uplifted and nourished when practicing that I wanted to learn more.

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mary-ann somerville yoga teacher

Mary-Ann Somerville

Mary-Ann’s first yoga experience was shared with her Mom at an early age – didn’t truly understand the practice at all, and was the one who left before savasana …. I know, right! In 2008 Mary-Ann saw her life take a shift. Ended a long term relationship, hit rock bottom, spent most 2009 treading water.

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micheal mcdowall

Michael McDowall

I was first exposed to yoga as a child, and I recall sharing guided lying meditations on the lounge room floor to old cassettes, with my mum and sister. The peace, serenity and stillness experienced in these early practices are still the foundation of my practice, and these are the benefits of yoga that I most wish to share in my teaching today.

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miriana yoga teacher

Miriana Rose

Growing up in a small island in New Zealand called Waiheke, Miriana was fortunate enough to spend the majority of my childhood with bare feet and sand and grass between her toes. By around the age of 17 the calling to be a yoga teacher was strong, it took her another 5 years to travel to India where she her Yoga Teacher Training began.

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nirvana acroyoga

Nirvana Pilkington

From a young age, movement and bodywork have been a part of Nirvana’s life. As a youngster, she was exposed to dance, various sports, drama, yoga and massage. Nirvana’s practice and teaching has been immersed in a variety of styles and her classes have become a fusion of these elements.

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pamela walker yoga teacher

Pamela Walker

I began my yoga journey in 2000 as a form of relaxation and to manage back pain. I was soon attending 3 classes per week with different teachers to learn more and more because the benefits to my life were so great. In 2005, I qualified as a yoga teacher in the Sivananda tradition to give me a balanced practice of all aspects of a yogic lifestyle.

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pascale yoga teacher


Pascale was first introduced to yoga over a decade ago, but only started to delve into the practice in 2011 when she discovered power yoga. She used the practice as a way to build strength, flexibility and resilience to balance out the stressors of corporate life.

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rebecca crowther yoga teacher

Rebecca Crowther

Rebecca has been teaching yoga as her full time vocation since 2013 and began her practice in 2003. Her classes have been described by her students as coming from a place of deep understanding, passionate, authentic, quirky, unique, powerful and intuitive.

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tanya zappala yoga

Tanya Zappala

Tanya has been teaching yoga across Australia and abroad since 2004. With training from varied yogic traditions, she sees that yoga is meant for everyone and not one style works for us all. Learning from a range of teachers has allowed Tanya to experience functional body movements and how variations work better for the diverse community of students she teaches.

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bronwyn wilson yoga teacher

Bronwyn Wilson

Bronwyn Wilson is a qualified yoga instructor and business professional, balancing motherhood and family with a healthy lifestyle.

She is very passionate about living a balanced life, combining healthy eating and exercise whilst enjoying time with friends and the good things in life.

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