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Things to Know Before You Go to Yoga Class

  • Please arrive promptly as all classes start on time.
  • New students arrive 10-15mins before class to register and receive a briefing from your teacher.
  • Please let us know if you are pregnant, have existing injuries or are on any medication that we should be aware of.
  • Always sign in before class.
  • Leave your shoes in the designated area for footwear.
  • Switch off all mobile phones.
  • Remove make up, jewellery, perfume and scented oils.
  • Store personal belongings in racks provided.
  • The only items you need in the yoga room are your mat, towel and your water.
  • Please return all borrowed equipment neatly back, appreciating and respecting the availability and use of our complimentary equipment.
  • Refrain from talking in the yoga room. Many students use this time before class to meditate and centre themselves.
  •  Stay hydrated before and after class to remove toxins released from the stretched out muscles.
  • Don’t practice on a full stomach.  Wait an hour after light snacks or 2 hours after heavy large meals.
  • Keep breathing, less is more, practice with patience and persistence.
  • Resting is not for wimps, it’s for the ones that listen to their bodies.  The final pose of every class is the most important so stay till the end, your nervous system will thank you for it.
  • Don’t know or understand, ask questions.  We love to help you get the most from your practice.  We know how wonderful Yoga is, we want you to feel this too.
Class Descriptions

Which Class is suitable?

We recommend having a look at our full class descriptions and recommendations.

If you have done yoga before then we suggest go on an adventure and explore the different classes, meet our teachers and the styles they share.

If you are completely new to yoga and need more help, please contact us

The studio has complimentary equipment (yoga mats, blocks, strap and blankets) available for use, just bring your own towel and water bottle.

Class Descriptions

Introductory Class Pass

Students often ask what is the best class to start with. This is hard to suggest without asking lots of questions, so we offer this 30 Day Pass for students new to our studio to experience themselves.  Over 30 days try out the different types of Yoga Classes to feel first hand which ones are a perfect match to how you feel each day.   

30 day Introductory Pass – $65BUY NOW
Unlimited yoga for 30 days

(Intro Pass excludes courses and special events)

Available for new students only.  Pass can only be purchased once. Cannot be put on hold or transferred. 

Sign up for a class pass

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New to Yoga?

We run Beginners Yoga Courses

Our Beginners Courses are to aid students in grasping the theory and practice of Yoga. An excellent course to build confidence and knowledge in how the tools of Yoga can enhance your current lifestyle. That Yoga is a practice of personal inquiry and self exploration.

Our Level 1 is designed for absolute newcomers, or new to exercise, or dealing with injuries. Level 2 is designed for beginners or anyone wanting to better understand, perfect, and dive deeper into Yoga.

Our beginners courses

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Want to learn more about Yoga?

Whether you are have just started out or been practicing for a while, the Ground to Grow workshops are a series designed to help you get more out of your yoga practice.  Yoga translates to union, uniting your mind and body to work together harmoniously.  Therefore in a supportive group environment you will be guided to adapt the teachings of yoga for your own evolution. To feel more confident to adjust your practice to suit you, rather then the perception that we need to fit in.

The teachers Tanya Zappala and Alison Sykes are both senior Yoga Teachers with 30 years experience between them.  Both have created an environment for you to get into the nitty gritty with alignment and breathing practices, talk philosophy in practical everyday language and learn how meditation can be instinctive and empowering.

Each session will include breakdowns of common and popular yoga poses and pathways to achieving trickier asana like hand balances and inversions. Each student will be encouraged to work in their own way, at their own pace. After asana practice we will come together to discuss the philosophy and psychology of yoga, and to explore how the ancient teachings can be applied to our busy modern lives.

We’ll go deeper into meditation practices, explore and discuss ways of making meditation more accessible, enjoyable and sustainable for you.

More about the Ground to Grow Series

beginners yoga course clayfield