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A Fusion of Yoga – Acrobatics – Thai Massage

ACROYOGA is a fusion of Yoga combined with the playfulness and skill of Acrobatics and the nurturing and therapeutic benefits of the Healing Arts. The foundation of this practice is trust to be able to create wonderful balanced routines between two partners. AcroYoga is for anybody with an adventurous spirit.

This course will set you up with a good solid foundation, with everything you need from to ground to the air.  You will learn the basics before progressing in a cohesive and accessible way.

AcroYoga may seem scary at first, but that’s why it’s all about communication and trust between you and your partner. You will learn to use your body and your partner’s body to unlock exciting aerial poses and transitions.

Never done Acro before? Perfect! You and your partner will learn about alignment, bone stacking, mounts, transitions and more! If you already have an established Acro practice, then revisiting the basics is the best way to build a more solid stable and safe practice.  There will always be extra tips and tricks of the trade we can offer to make you a stronger partner and help you master your technique and positions!


6  week course commencing 26th July


$99 for 6 weeks

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4 Day in-depth study into both the therapeutic and acrobatic elements of AcroYoga.
This program covers the full spectrum of the practice in a safe, supportive atmosphere.

commencing 27th October 2017

Participants can come to 1 or all 4 days

Discounts for early bookings and bringing a friend

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The Practice

We value that together we go places that we cannot on our own…

The practice of AcroYoga is based on safe guidelines, so the art of ‘spotting’ is central to our workshops. The spotter is the person who keeps each movement safe and supported. You will experience working in trios exchanging roles of a base, a flyer and a spotter.

Our courses are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. We gauge the room and then tailor the experience to our participants; no two workshops will ever be alike.

We will playfully discover inversions, partner yoga and strengthening exercises as building blocks for the acrobatic practices. We will also ground all this high energy with therapeutic practices of massage and yoga.

No partner is required but curiosity, playfulness and a childlike approach is recommended to get the most out of this practice.

Nirvana Pilkington

Nirvana’s first taste began with acrobalance, a circus art however, as this blend of acro and yoga emerged, so did my passion.  It has taken her halfway across the world twice, first to Montreal and then back again with a summer and fall in the USA immersing herself in its communities.  This is the heart of Acroyoga, a community of like minded people, enjoying movement with others in trust, admiration and connection to achieve feats great or small.  Come and see for yourself.

Tanya Zappala

Tanya has been a Yoga teacher since 2004, and was drawn to the connections and self realisations experienced through AcroYoga. Recognising this potential for self development, and also appreciating the friendships forged from trust and support. Tanya has been involved in Acro Yoga from the grass roots level. In 2008, Tanya was one of four Yoga instructors who first introduced AcroYoga to Australia ,and during that process of become one of the country’s first qualified AcroYoga teachers.

Now a Level Two AcroYoga teacher, Tanya has thrived from this community-based practice. She enjoys seeing students leave with a sense of empowerment and newfound friends as AcroYoga brings people together to achieve things they initially thought was impossible.

Tanya continues to build communities of fun seekers through classes, workshops and festivals not only locally in Brisbane but also around Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Tanya has also had the privilege to share AcroYoga at the Annual Yoga Teachers Conference in Sydney 2015.